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Canadian Arts Productions was founded by award winning broadcast professionals Pat Jeflyn & Kim Kristy. We pioneered video journalism in Canada and continue to produce films and mentor the next generation of videojournalists.

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Video Production

You have an idea and a goal. We turn it into a visual story with impact.


Media training for professionals. Everything from on camera performance to art and skills of visual storytelling.

Documentary Production

We work on meaningful projects. Stay tuned!


Video production is our specialty. Promote your art, ideas, events or business with professionally shot video. Our creative team will collaborate to develop TV commercials to present your products or ideas to viewers in a memorable way. We won one of Canada’s most prestigious Consumer’s Choice Awards from the TVB (Television Bureau of Canada.)

Some of Our Work


Check out this award winning video which helped Windsor Residence for Young Men buy a home and establish a safe haven for vulnerable young men.

“The expertise of Canadian Arts Productions was invaluable to the Windsor Residence for Young Men in raising public awareness and consequent funding for our charity. Pat and Kim took an idea, from production with volunteer actors, to public display in the form of a 30 second commercial that captures the essence of our purpose and the hearts of the viewers.
This commercial has also proved timeless as it has been rebroadcast with growing response.”

Gregory  D. Goulin, LSM, JD, Barrister Treasurer and Founder, The Windsor Residence for Young Men

On The Money

Our film On the Money premiered at the 2018 Windsor International Film Festival. It’s the story of Windsor actor & playwright Leslie McCurdy and her quest for social justice and racial equality through the arts.

The film features original music and dance performed by McCurdy and accompanied by musicians and dancers.

Watch scenes from the premiere:


Find out how you can license the film for screenings.
Contact for screening information.
On The Money is now streaming in Canada on CBC GEM.


Imagining Angels

Our film Imagining Angels is about the production of a made in Windsor mixed media chamber opera.
Imagining Angels celebrates the lives of Windsor photographer Pat Sturn and international opera singer Emilia Cundari. It premiered at the Windsor International Film Festival in November, 2014 and was selected as part of the Toronto Short Film Festival in March, 2015. Watch it here.

Media Training for Professionals

Canadian Arts Productions offers workshops on television production, news gathering and visual storytelling. We also offer performance training and mentoring. All workshops are hands-on and can be customized.

"Pat and Kim get great reviews from the staff they have trained as VJs over more than a decade at APTN. They go beyond teaching camera operation to the art of visual storytelling. I credit them with helping our staff create award winning current affairs documentaries."
Karyn Pugliese
Exec. Director of News and Current Affairs, APTN National News

The foundation of any report, visual story or documentary is the research. This course will concentrate on where to find good story ideas and how to research them quickly and effectively.


What story do you want to tell? Finding a clear focus for your visual story is the key to telling it well. This workshop will help you learn to save time and effort by understanding the story you want to tell before you start shooting.


You’ve got a great story to tell, but now you’ve got to convince others to ‘buy’ it, whether that’s your boss, a producer or your bank manager. Learn how to summarize and sell your story ideas as well as how to answer the tough question that will be pitched back at you.


How you tell your story determines how well it will be understood and received. We will examine classic structure (beginning, middle and end) as well as other options. Participants bring a researched and focused story idea for this workshop.

Shooting Styles

Learn how to shoot in the classic methods for visual storytelling: moments, real time filming and sequences.


Learn how to take video that will captivate your viewers and simplify editing.


This workshop is designed to help you keep your writing clear and simple and to take the fear out of writing.


The way you word a question has everything to do with the answer you get. Learn how to ask your questions to get the best answers.


Groom yourself for being interviewed either live or pre-taped. This course includes performance practice for radio and television as well as coaching to help you build a memorable, individual style


This workshop examines how to use a common language so that everyone involved in a team can learn from the strengths and weaknesses of a video production.


Thank you sincerely for your expertise, wisdom and commitment.
Tracey Bailey
Exec. Director Community Support Service
From beginning to end, they are wonderful to work and collaborate with…Their creativity and expertise can be seen in their camera work, editing and final production.
Christine Gross
We Are Timeless: The Radiance Technique® in Hospice Care

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